Modern Supply Chain


Innovate and develop new concepts, technologies, and models in the supply chain. With the help of the "Internet + foreign trade comprehensive service platform", efficiently link various resource elements, and integrate the point-to-point order flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow of the supply chain. Customers provide more optimized supply chain management solutions, promote the technological advancement of foreign trade companies, and achieve collaborative innovation in upstream and downstream supply chains. Through the platform and scientific management, help small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises to realize the reasonable integration of orders, long and short docking, scientific packaging, optimized configuration, provide order processing, process design, production control and import and export services, etc .; provide export-oriented production enterprises with professional foreign trade comprehensive services, including scheduling and booking, document production, commodity inspection, logistics, customs declaration, letter of credit, insurance, foreign exchange collection, settlement, tax refund, and other full-range services, allow production enterprises to focus on product development and production to achieve professionalism division of labor and complementarity of advantages, improve the efficiency of enterprises and enhance competitiveness; by intervening in the order process, according to the funding needs of partners at different stages, supporting services for supply chain finance are provided to help companies reduce the receivable cycle and accelerate their capital turnover and flow.

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