For employees and work teams that perform well during the year, we also provide various special rewards to reflect the immediate recognition and rewards for outstanding employees / work teams.

Five insurances and one gold

We provide a comprehensive protection plan for our employees, including pension insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, unemployment insurance, maternity insurance, as well as personal accident insurance and accident medical insurance with a maximum sum of 100,000 yuan.

Annual physical examination

"The body is the capital of revolution." We pay close attention to the physical condition of employees and organize employees to conduct free physical examinations every year.

Paid annual leave

"Work is for a better life." In addition to work, we encourage employees to take adequate rest. Depending on the length of service, employees enjoy different days of paid leave. As the age of service increases, the number of days of paid leave will increase accordingly.

Other benefits

We provide our employees with a comfortable working environment and a warm, friendly, and mutually supportive working atmosphere. Other benefits include: holiday greetings, birthday cakes, outdoor development activities, company travel, etc.

1. Provide a rich free lunch; 2. Provide twice-a-year travel; 3. Provide housing allowance for employees; 4. Enjoy birthday gift, wedding gift, funeral condolences, etc .;

5. Enjoy rich employee activities.

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