disposable surgeon doctor medical surgical face mask
  • disposable surgeon doctor medical surgical face mask

disposable surgeon doctor medical surgical face mask

Brand :SHM

Product origin :China

Supply capacity :7days

Delivery time :100*40HQ per month

Which Face masks can prevent the virus? what is the reason?
Yes and only Medical masks and Hospital surgeon mask
General Disposable Face masks, that is, the standard number is GB2626-2006 respiratory protection articles (N9 × / KN9X)
Hospital surgeon mask GB2626: Self-priming filter type anti-particulate respirator, test standard: 85L / min, NaCl aerosol 0. 075um. Additional requirements for wearing can not leak, air tightness test.
Medical masks GB19083: This standard is applicable to filtering particulates in the air and blocking droplets and liquids in the medical work environment. Self-priming filter Medical masks for body fluids and secretions. Test standard: 85L / min, NaCl aerosol 0. 075um. The initial requirement is to filter 95%. In addition, the blood splatter cannot be penetrated, and there is no additional air tightness requirement.
Therefore, medical protection is better than respiratory protection, and in the current state: if non-medical personnel are not in the same room with the virus carrier at a close distance, and you will not exchange fluids with suspected cases at a close distance Choose Disposable Face masks GB2626 as long as it is used correctly, there is no problem. Because the virus is small in diameter, it cannot survive alone in the air. Other dust droplets and the like are their carriers. With a particle size of 0. 3 micron, anti-fog Face masks that can achieve a filtration efficiency of more than 95% can prevent influenza viruses.

medical mask

Main performance index:

1. The nose mask is equipped with a nose clip, which is made of plastic material.

2. The length of the nose clip is not less than 8.0CM.

3. The breaking strength at the connection point between each mask band and the mask body is not less than 10N.

4. The bacterial filtration efficiency of the mask is not less than 95%.

5. The ventilation resistance of the gas exchange on both sides of the mask is not more than 49Pa / cm².

6. The product is sterile, and the residual amount of ethylene oxide does not exceed 10 μg / g.

Disposable medical mask product packaging size

surgical face mask

20 boxes per carton / 50 individually packaged boxes / 1000 boxes in total

Product carton size: 630 * 530 * 520mm

Product inner box: 225 * 150 * 100mm

Number of boxes: 50 pieces

Whole box weight: 227.4g

FCL quantity: 2000 pieces

FCL weight: 10.856KG

EU standard CE and FDA certification and test repor

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