Great love is the gene of Jiasheng. Since its establishment, Jiasheng has always practiced the entrepreneurial spirit of loving others and altruism, calling on Jia people to love themselves, others, the society, to be grateful for life, to be grateful for life, to be grateful for society, with their own strength Consciously convey great love, promote great love, highlight corporate social responsibility with great love culture, interpret corporate social values with great love culture, and nourish the everlasting corporate foundation with great love culture.

On May 12, 2008, a massive magnitude 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan, Sichuan. This is the most devastating earthquake since the founding of New China, with the widest scope and the most disaster relief. After learning about the disaster, Jiasheng did not hesitate to extend his hands and donate 250,000 yuan to Wenchuan, Sichuan, for post-disaster reconstruction, and used this as an opportunity to establish Jiasheng Charity Fund. Since then, Jiasheng Group has donated to Yunnan Guangxi Drought Disaster, Yushu Earthquake, Weihong Charity Fund, Zhongshan Hospital Charity Fund, Siming District Charity Association, Wu Mengchao Technology Education Development Foundation and so on. According to incomplete statistics, Jia Sheng has donated more than 4 million yuan to the society since 2008.

Now, as an important work of Jiasheng Group, Jiasheng Charity Fund has created an institutionalized and standardized management system. Every year, Jiasheng Group withdraws certain funds into the Jiasheng Charity Fund Pool. Jiasheng will continue to inherit the concept of great love and gratitude, demonstrate corporate social responsibility with great love and gratitude, interpret corporate social values, devote to charity and give back to the society.

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