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On the afternoon of March 17, Hu Changsheng, Member of the Standing Committee of Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Xiamen Municipal Committee, Huang Wenhui, Member of the Standing Committee of Xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Secretary-General, visited Jiasheng Group for research and guidance. Chairman Li Dongmin and Vice President Jiang Rong of Jiasheng Group received the leaders.

Disposable MaskAccompanied by Li Dong, Secretary Hu and other leaders first came to the front of Jiasheng Culture Wall. Secretary Hu asked in detail about Jiasheng ’s values and annual keywords and other relevant details. He praised Jiasheng ’s solid culture and led and encouraged employees. Go forward with the enterprise and dedicate an important force of society. When visiting the Honor Wall of Jiasheng, he learned that Li Dong and President Jiang were also serving as external tutors of Xiamen University's Master of International Business, and Secretary Hu had high hopes. He said that mentors with rich practical experience are more innovative, and whether it is corporate management experience or the spirit of self-improvement, it is a great help to the growth of students.

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