Patented technology as a selling point

The characteristics of NASK are the application of advanced nanotechnology and a specific material formula to make a nanofiber membrane for filtering in masks; its performance in filtering viruses and particles is better than that of general N95 masks, and it has both sterilization function and high air permeability. The material is as slim as a general surgical mask, which makes the wearer feel more comfortable than the N95 mask.

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Dr. Xiujuan Guo, director of research and development (biology and health care) at NAMI, said that in addition to the development and application of nanofibers, NAMI also assisted Yingzong Pharmaceutical in setting up production lines in Hong Kong to manufacture nanofibers and synthetic masks, while NAMI ’s technical advisory team is even more pro To Yingzong Pharmaceutical Factory, provide on-site technical support and optimize and improve production technology. In addition, NAMI has solved the technical problems of mass production, allowing NASK to be successfully commercialized and introduced to the market.

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